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Greg Marks 

Senior Project Manager,

Spectrum Property & Projects

I act as the Client's representative, and oversee a small internal team, to manage the design and delivery of key projects for (mostly) institutional clients, across a broad range of industry sectors. My work day generally consists of emails, meetings, phone calls, meetings, meetings, emails and phone calls.


Favourite cafe on the Coast:

Centred Ceramics, Umina


A Fun Fact About Yourself:

I have toured Australia and the UK as a semi-professional cricketer.


Fave thing to do on weekends on the Coast:

 The attraction of living on the Coast, and being so close to the beach, means that my family and I enjoy time on the beach. 

What you love most about living on the Coast:

No traffic, no stress.

What you love most about working out of Work Collective:

Simply getting out of the house to work at Work Collective, away from the kids, results in a boost in productivity that I cannot begin to quantify. I have outlined my standard work day earlier, so the use of the soundproof phone-booths for meetings and phone calls is brilliant. The sit-stand desks provide a true ergonomic advantage compared to working from home. Having raisin toast and coffee provided, means these have become an essential component of my work day! The Work Collective experience provides me with the benefit of "Working (within a short walk) From Home" and provides all the perks I would expect from an office arrangement. 

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