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Kimberley Reynolds 

Creative & Digital Marketing Director,

KCDC Studio

I run my own Creative and Digital Marketing Agency KCDC Studio. Like ACDC but with a K! It encompases Creative Direction, Digital marketing and Content Production mainly in fashion and Lifestyle Brands. I do everything from Identity and Branding Design, Creative Services, Copywriting and Website Building to Digital strategy, Social, Email Marketing, SEO & SEM Services.

Favourite cafe on the Coast:

OK. I tell anyone that will listen that Coast has THE BEST bacon & egga I've ever had. No joke, it means business. A soft dusty roll, devine runny egg and the saltiest tasty bacon you'll ever devour. It's the most delicious messy breaky around. My tip, take 10 napkins and eat on the wharf legs-a-swinging.

A Fun Fact About Yourself:

I eat Vegemite with a spoon.

Fave thing to do on weekends on the Coast:

Can't beat a swim at Anderson's wharf with a few mates and our tribe of kids. We're so lucky to live here!

What you love most about living on the Coast:

I grew up by the ocean and after 17 years living in the Inner West of Sydney when I had my Daughter my man & I decided we wanted that kind of life for her. You really can't beat living close to the beach. There is never nothing to do! 

What you love most about working out of Work Collective:

When Covid hit I started KCDC Studio as a bit of a side hustle due to my usual 9-5 being cut back. KCDC grew so much that I've been able to leave my role as Creative & Digital Marketing Manager at Volcom (Surf/Skate/Snow Lifestyle Brand) where I had been for 13 years a few months ago. I've been working from home since while my office space is being renovated and to be honest it's been pretty difficult not having a dedicated work zone! Coming to Work Collective has been a real relief. Good vibes, I've been super productive here and my fave thing - sparkling water on tap!

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