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Lisa Bryne

 Ecommerce Marketing Strategist

I help women make more money from their online store by improving their marketing and brand foundations. 


Favourite cafe on the Coast:

I have to say Coast as it’s our local and the first place we went after getting the keys to our house 5 years ago. But for coffee I’m addicted to Bremen Patisserie. Lovely people and their coffee is always on point.

A Fun Fact About Yourself:

 Gosh, do I still have one? I have scuba dived all over the world. Egypt, Mexico, Thailand, Belize, Honduras, Indonesia... Pre-kids was a very adventurous time!

Fave thing to do on weekends on the Coast:

You’ll find us (my partner and 2 kids) on a beach somewhere. Either Booker Bay or bush walking to somewhere secluded for a swim!

What you love most about living on the Coast:

Absolutely  everrrrrything! What’s not to love? Living a simple coastal life and the friendships are at the top though. There’s some seriously incredible and fun people here. 

What you love most about working out of Work Collective:

The serenity. I’ve been able to focus and achieve so much in the few months being here. A podcast, a course and new connections. Thanks Grace and Reid you total legends 

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