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Michelle Mowle

Owner, Prism HR Consulting 

I provide HR advice and solutions to businesses of all shapes and sizes.  This ranges from foundational HR documentation such as employment agreements, award classifications, onboarding programs to staff engagement and culture programs, remuneration & benefit programs, change management and coaching for founders/executives.  


Favourite cafe on the Coast:

Bamboo Buddha - sooooo yum!!!


A Fun Fact About Yourself:

I am pretty good with a hoolahoop (having just been challenged by my 6 yo on the weekend!).  It’s all in the hips!

Fave thing to do on weekends on the Coast:

Spend it with my 2 boys (6 + 2), family and friends usually at the beach, a park or the bush.  My boys and I are very social so we’re usually surrounded by people somewhere fun.  

What you love most about living on the Coast:

The relaxed lifestyle and the authenticity of the people.  

What you love most about working out of Work Collective:

The people - it can be isolating working from home so being in the company and energy of like minded people is inspiring and motivating.  Plus the facilities are amazing - big city quality in a beach suburb (what more could you want!).

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