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Bec Bennett

Digital Media Designer/ Founder,

Firefish Creative 

We love to create honest, functional design that is good for our clients and good for the world. We strive to work with people and businesses who are helping each other and the planet, whether that’s with an innovative new tech product, by creating sustainable energy and solar solutions, or by helping the needy, our youth or the elderly. 

Favourite cafe on the Coast:

Island Time - Terrigal.

A Fun Fact About Yourself:

I have a penchant for fast Japanese cars.

Fave thing to do on weekends on the Coast:

Hang with the husband and kids, wherever that may be.

What you love most about living on the Coast:

The people. Everyone's pretty relaxed and happy to help each other out.

What you love most about working out of Work Collective:

The facilities are amazing, and the vibe is great!

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