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Jessica Kulakowski

Founder, Rugs for Good

Work Collective increases my producticity ten fold. I have no distractions including my messy kitchen at home or my toddler in the background. I can focus on my work in a peaceful and comfortable environment. 

Alena Bennett.png

Alena Bennett
CFO Mentor & Leadership Expert

It's a beautiful space - crisp, clean and a great vibe. Oh and the sparkling water tap #lifegoals!!!

Fiona MacDonald Circle2.png

Fiona MacDonald 

CEO | Science Alert

I love working from home and my own company, but coming into Work Collective fills my community cup and I always leave feeling energised and full of ideas. 

Michelle Mowle circle shot.png

Michelle Mowle

Owner | Prism Consulting

It can be isolating working from home so being in the company and energy of like minded people is inspiring and motivating.  Plus the facilities are amazing - big city quality in a beach suburb (what more could you want!).   

Lisa Byrne Circle.png

Lisa Byrne
eCommerce Marketing Strategist | Lisa Byrne

I love the serenity here. I’ve been able to focus and achieve so much in the few months being here. A podcast, a course and new connections. 

Josh SUBRVT circle shot gray2.png

Working  out of the Collective has been a great experience. Everyone here is lovely and there is a great mix of businesses all in similar situations. 

The facilities are great with lots of natural light to keep you motivated. 

Caty Germon Circle.png

Caty Germon
Director of Strategy and Partnerships | My Childe

I love Work Collectives well-designed spaces and the confidence that I know I can focus and actually get work done when I get here. 

Chris Perkins.png

Chris Perkins

Wedding Photographer Underatreehouse Photography

I love how it's peaceful, light and airy, which allows me to detach from the distractions at home and focus on getting work done. I'm also loving meeting and connecting with new people and the great facilities you have on offer.

Sarah Spence circle shot3.png

Sarah Spence

Director | Head of Strategy

Content Copywriting

I really like the soundproof booths and meeting other likeminded business owners at Work Collective.

Jenna Circle2.png

Jenna Salvaterra

Owner | Belle Movement

I am so flippin productive and creative at the Work Collective!   

Damien West Circle 3.png

Damien West
Head of Innovation |
My Childe

Everyone in here is super positive and friendly

Lucy Lamont.png

Lucy Lamont
Chief Inspiration Officer | Klatch Collective

At home I juggle the laptop around 4 children, two dogs, washing, groceries, cleaning etc. At Work Collective there are no distractions, I feel calmer, it's my happy place!

Bec Bennett Circle.png

Bec Bennett
Digital Media Designer / Founder | Firefish Creative

The facilities are amazing, and the vibe is great!

Pete-Craggs-Circle 3.png

Pete Craggs
Creative Director | Ratio Agency

Work Collective puts me in touch with great people, and a chance to network with like minded folks. Plus the added bonus of being about to get out of the house.

Adam Brown.png

Adam Brown
Director, Quest Accountants

Kelly McNamara circle shot.png

As a boring accountant, it is the practical things. Internet is fast. Scanner is fast. Office is quiet. The office is light and bright. I love it!!

Kelly McNamara

Advanced Trainee in Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Work Collective lets me work alongside people from all industries and get to know new people.

Mike Hagley Circle.png

Mike Hagley

Growth Consultant

Hagley Consulting

The Work Collective allows me to build my business in a peaceful, comfortable and professional setting, surrounded by like-minded people. I'm determined to get to the beach more often for a midday swim, and I am also enjoying working my way up the cafes of West Street in search of the best lunch spot!

Sophie Hamstra Circle 2.png

Sophie Hamstra
Founder, HR Consultant & Career Coach
SJ People Consulting

I like Work Collective for getting sh#t done! Also not feeling the need to throw on a load of washing or be distracted by other household chores, & meeting new people and having a chat about everything and anything in the kitchen.

Kimberley Reynolds.png

Kimberley Reynolds
Creative & Digital Marketing Director | KCDC Studio

 Coming to Work Collective has been a real relief. Good vibes, I've been super productive here and my fave thing - sparkling water on tap! 

Peter Oliver Circle2.png

Peter Oliver

Managing Director, Starburst Photography

Work Collective is a fresh, bright and friendly environment, where I can sit and focus. 

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